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25 Jan

Sunday Links, Comin’ Atcha:


Bear McCreary, composer for Battlestar Galactica, is a man after my own heart – after I finally had a chance to sit down and watch the heartbreaking season premiere of Battlestar Galactica, I headed right over to his blog to read his thoughts on the process of writing the music for the episode. And WOW, you guys, it’s a must-read, if you’re a fan of the show.  It’s so full of behind-the-scenes info and so unabashadly technical in its discussion of orchestration and composition – and best of all, it’s so filled with passion!  Bear doesn’t have to write these gigantic blog posts, but he he does, and he does because he cares so much about music, and the show, and the music he writes for the show.  It’s uncommon, and a pleasure to read – go check it out!

51039053_lSpeaking of music, I’ve been rocking it on Myspace these past couple of weeks, and have been reminded of two things.  First of all, Myspace sucks. Good lord.  It is the most user-unfriendly, wretched site; it may be the worst user interface on the internet.  I mean, you have to enter a CAPTCHA code to sneeze. On the brighter side, the other thing I’ve been reminded of is that Myspace is a fantastic place to find good music – which I guess is why I’m on there, to begin with.  I found this singer, Vienna Teng – maybe she’s famous, who knows.  But I really liked one of her songs – some of her other material is a little overly I-V-vi-IV-I, but the first tune on her player, called “Whatever You Want,” really works for me.  The strings on the chorus break into a killer little thing, and the groove is really in there.  Plus, she’s a mega-babe, which is nice.  So anyway, check out Vienna Teng.

Andrew Sullivan somehow made Forbes Magazine’s list of the top 25 media liberals. I don’t have much to say about it other than, “wha?” but Sullivan certainly does.

Beth Spotswood offers her hilarious (as always) take on whether men and women can be platonic friends.

Joe R. Posts his best picture top-ten list, and also shares thoughts on the Oscar nominations, over at Low Resolution.  While I don’t always agree with every opinion Joe has, he is always very passionate about movies that I haven’t seen but want to, and is usually the thing that pushes me to finally go see him.  Great blog.

Some PC mod-making joker apparently decided that Left 4 Dead wasn’t hardcore enough, so he made a mod that makes it more realistic.  Zombies need a headshot to die, everyone’s slower, there’s no friendly AI, no ammo dumps, and… no flashlight?  You had me up ’till then.  Anyway, Kotaku’s got the full list of tweaks, as well as some gameplay footage. I wish people could mod for 360.

Alan Sepinwall reviews season 2 of Damages over at the Star-Ledger. I dunno.  He thinks that the show is fun but ultimately hollow, but I just finished season 1 on Hulu, and I was so entertained and wrapped up in the twists and turns that I didn’t care at all.  Great show!  I guess everyone knew that but me, but it’s got a really strong, mostly smart script bouyed by an outstanding ensemble cast.  I’m looking forward to getting into season 2.

Leigh Alexander at Sexy Videogame Land discusses Eidos Interactive’s stated desire to make Tomb Raider heroine Lara Croft more “Female Friendly.” Whatever the hell that means. Which I think is Leigh’s point.  Interesting subject for discussion, if a bit loaded.

And lastly, the lovely Mindy Kaling has a few new posts up over on her shopping blog “Things I Bought That I Love.”  Hilarious.  There is no shortage of Kaling love over here at Murfins, and it’s always fun to read her stuff.  Not that I will buy/can afford any of the things she writes about.  I have no need of cardigans (yet, anyway).

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