Mafia II is Lookin’ Pretty Fine

15 Jan

It sure ain't Niko.

I got the feeling that half of the gaming press’s job for the last months of 2008 was to write about how, after the hype died down, they were kind of underwhelmed by GTA IV.  Whatever.  Blah blah, open world, ludonarrative dissonance, blah blah, slow start, blah.  I still thought it was one of the most amazing games I’d ever played.

Okay, wait.  I guess I’m just being cranky, because I actually agree with most critics’ points, particularly what Leigh Alexander (game critic for Variety) has to say on her (outstanding) blog, Sexy Videogameland.  She likens the year in gaming to the year in cinema, and GTA IV in particular to The Dark Knight.

Well, after seeing the trailer for the upcoming Mafia II, I gotta say: hopefully this one will satisfy everyone.  The first game was totally great – I remember playing it on my PC in college and really getting into the 1920’s gangster setting.  Moving the sequel to the 50’s should be even more fun, and the writing and directing on display in the trailer certainly look pretty damn high-grade.  Check it out, and see if you don’t agree with me.  Here’s hoping, anyway…

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