Secretary of the Arts Petition – Update

9 Jan

According to plan.

Back about a month ago I wrote a fairly lengthy post about NY jazzer Jaime Austria’s petition to have Obama appoint a cabinet-level Secretary of the Arts. The post has gotten quite a bit of traffic over the month, and hopefully, it has gotten at least a few people to sign the petition and pass it on.

Today I checked in on how the petition was doing, and in the past month, the petition has gone from 5,000 signatures to over 20,000!  Not bad.  I call that the “Murfins Bump.”  Just kidding.

Clearly, this thing is getting around, and 15,000 signatures in less than a month is nothing to sneeze at.  But it’s not enough, and while who on earth even knows if Obama will ever actually listen to it, why not get as many names on there as possible?

So, if you’ve yet to sign it, go ahead on over there and get ‘er done. And if you know anyone who might also be into it, go ahead and forward them the link!

I’ll be traveling and away from the internets for the next few days, so new posts will occur sporadically, if at all.  Have a great weekend!

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