Monday’s Person I Want To Be

29 Dec

Same as it ever was.

This Monday, in honor of the impending final season of Battlestar Galactica, I want to be Starbuck (or should I say, Harbuck?). When I was tossing around the members of the crew of the Galactica that I’d like to be, honestly, it’s both really hard and really easy to decide.  On the one hand, pretty much everyone is an emotionally stunted freak, having been chased, tortured, married, cheated upon, taken part in both sides of a genocide, and/or (spoiler alert!) found out that they’re actually a frakking Cylon.  On the other, everyone on board is one or another shade of complete and total badass (well, everyone now that Cally’s dead), as well as impossibly good-looking from Six to Helo to Giaus effing Baltar, and it’d be great to be as rad as any one of them.

But of all of them, Kara Thrace sits above the rest, just as dysfunctional and mind-frakked at this late point in the series as she was at the very beginning of the show. And when you think about it, it’s a testament to the resilience of her character.  She was a tortured, showboaty misfit at the beginning of the show, when the only thing she had done wrong was to sleep with Zak Adama and clear him to fly, kinda-sorta tangentially getting him killed.  After four seasons, she remains a tortured, showboaty misfit, even though she has, by now:

  • Been shot down on a barren moon and been left for dead
  • Walked with a cane for months on end
  • Been captured, cloned, and de-ovaried in a Cylon woman farm
  • Been forced to plan and carry out a suicidal mutiny on another Battlestar
  • Declared her true love for one guy and then married another
  • Been held as a POW in a freaky stepford-apartment-cell with a kid who may or may not be her child
  • Become even more of an alcoholic
  • Beaten the shit out of the one guy in a boxing match, then started cheating on her husband with him
  • Been shot down and horribly burned on an algae planet
  • Died
  • Become an evil bionic woman, until that show got canceled
  • Been resurrected as the savior (or destuctor) of mankind
  • Been widely believed to be a Cylon, in actuality was probably the one crewmember who wasn’t one
  • Taken the president hostage at gunpoint
  • Gone painty-prophecy crazy on a one-ship quest for Earth
  • Actually found Earth, only to also find that, as it turns out, Earth totally sucks

Lord knows where our friend Kara Thrace will end up during these final (ten? twelve?) episodes.  All I know is that, the more crap she goes through, the more you think that she has finally, actually completely lost her mind, the more she comes out of it, stronger than ever. There’s always that glint in her eye that seems to say, “C’mon Lee, it’ll be fine!  The writers are on my side! I mean, I’m Starbuck.”  And that’s what I’m talking about.


"All that and we wind up in BROOKLYN?"

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