Holiday Round-Up

24 Dec


Twas the night before christmas
and all through the blog
as I headed for snow
and I left behind fog

I went through four months’ worth
of long-winded posts
and figured I’d jot down
the ones I liked most.

Without further ado:

  • Waaay back in August, I bought a bunch of paperbacks and blast through some light summer reading; the results were varied.
  • I’ve always liked reading TV Mini-Reviews, so it came as no shock that it’s also fun to write them.
  • I got my “technical but still layman-approachable” on when discussing mixing as an arranger.
  • A trip to Cafe du Nord and a faceful of Ampeg Bass Cabinet, I was motivated to write this (hopefully helpful) rant on the great power/great responsibility spectrum as it applies to the bass guitar.
  • Quincy Jones for President!  Well, maybe not, but at least for Secretary of the Arts.
  • Joe Satriani did not convince me that his copyright infringement case against Coldplay holds water.
  • If the Zombie Apocalypse(tm) happens anytime soon, I am sticking with Dan.
  • A few Mondays ago I wanted to be Julian Coryell – one of the new breed of studio player, a strong, versatile musician with a strong creative voice who spends a good amount of time making others sound better.
  • Two posts related to the awesomeosity of Danny Elfman – the first one covered his past work, including The Nightmare Before Christmas, and a follow-up discussed his work in Milk.
  • The National Day of Listening got me thinking about how we experience the world of sound around us, and also made me remember the awesome Santiago Quintans.
  • And last, an Ode to the Harmonica that will hopefully remind us all that as cool as the instrument we play may seem, well, it is not as cool as the Harmonica.

I’ll be posting less frequently this week.  Enjoy your vacations, and Merry Christmas (or whatever) to all!

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