Things I Am Loving Today

12 Dec

1) My Avocado Percussion Shaker

Oh, my Avocado Percussion Shaker, could you be any more wonderful?  Not only do you provide a nice, grooving texture to so many of my recordings, you are also shaped like the most delicious fruit on the planet!  Indeed, of all of the fruit-shaped percussion instruments they had at Haight-Ashbury Music, you are the finest, My Avocado Percussion Shaker.  Better than Tomato Shaker, Banana Shaker, and all of those anonymous gourd shakers combined!  If I could eat you, well, I probably would, and though my recordings would take a hit, it would be worth it.


One for shaking, one for eating; both for loving.

2) Sibelius Music Notation Software Version 5.0

Sibelius Music Notation Software Version 5.0, where would I be without you?  I can actually answer that – I would be in a dark, dark place, away from the light of your copy/paste function, your dreamy dynamic part extraction; an unfeeling place with graphite-stained hands and carpal tunnel. Sibelius Notation Software Version 5.0, you are a light in my life, one of the many computer programs upon which I rely so heavily, and I fear I couldn’t live without you by my side!  What’s more, your aesthetically pleasing, dare-I-say sexy swappable wood backdrops make score writing a feast for the eyes, as well as the mind.  I don’t know what it is, Sibelius Notation Software Version 5.0, but you’ve got it.


The composer was perfectly fine, too, though.

3) My Yahoo Acorn Slipper/Sock Hybrids

Perhaps I am just feeling unusally lovingly towards things that keep me warm these days, but I truly love you, My Yahoo Acorn Slipper/Sock Hybrids, for your looks, your brains, and your double-woven softness.  You came into my life so unassumingly, as several Yahoo Acorn products have before you – a gift from my aunt, made by a company that I have never heard of, but which is most definitely not related to any search engine.  No, the only “Yahoo” you are affiliated with is the one that I shout when I put you on my cold feet in the morning!  I love you, as well, My Yahoo Acorn Slipper/Sock Hybrids, because I can get away with treating you not quite like socks, and don’t need to worry about washing you all the time.  I know that my rationalization that, because you are thicker than socks, you somehow don’t need as much washing is utterly off-base and kind of gross, but I don’t care!  That’s what you do to me, My Yahoo Acorn Slipper/Sock Hybrids.  You keep my feet warm even as I throw caution to the icy wind.


The fastest way to a man's heart is through his cold feet.

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