These Are Not New Ideas

11 Dec

gg2After the death of his father, a young man, crazed with grief, wielding his new-found power and inheritance like a club, lashes out at those he loves.  “Don’t you get it?” he sneers at the step-brother who has always looked up to him, “We’re not related.”

This is not a new idea.

Two lovers from an age ago, set to finally rekindle their past love, arrange to meet for a tryst that night. “We’re really going to get it right this time,” the man says to her on the phone, before hanging up.  This is when her mother enters his home unannounced and, swearing that she has his interests at heart, tells him The Secret. He comes to his former lover in the train station, heartbroken, as she stands with her bags.  “I only have one question for you.  Was our child a boy or a girl?”

That is also, not a new idea.

The young woman, having split from her First, True Love to be with another, can’t decide whether to accept the new suitor’s invitation to holiday with him in South America.  Her ex-lover tells her to go, then has a change of heart.  When he arrives to tell her that he still has feelings for her, it is too late – she has accepted the invitation and will be going to Buenos Aires.  We’ll just have to see if they can get back together in another life.

That one’s really not new.

The funeral made the man realize that life is short – he proposes that they move up their wedding date to the next night, and do a small ceremony in their own home.  They do, and it is lovely; just the characters we know and love, standing about as pretty music plays, scenes inter-cut and juxtaposed with another character’s trials and tribulations, making his suffering all the more poignant.

Okay, okay.  None of these ideas are new or original, not even a little bit.  So why did I enjoy this week’s episode of Gossip Girl so much?


Stale and yet fresh?

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