Well, Color (And Cel-Shade) Me Excited

27 Nov

The new Prince of Persia has a 9.3 from IGN and a 9.4 from IGN UK

It’s not often you splurge out the positives at the top of a review but, quite simply, this newest Prince of Persia gets so much absolutely right and so little even remotely wrong, it would be doing a disservice not to start reeling them off now. If we’re lucky, we might even have gotten all the good stuff out the way by the end of the review. Where to start though? Well, probably in the series’ most obvious upgrade.

Put simply, Prince of Persia is a visual tour de force and just the very tip of what makes the game such a gloriously refreshing experience. From its fluid animation to diverse, sprawling environments, Prince of Persia absolutely revels in attention to detail – and its hand-drawn, watercolour art style ties it all into a single, beautifully cohesive package.

I was always unsure how this one would do, since the gameplay has been described as streamlined at best and overly-simplified at worst, but after reading the review, it looks like the game is going to live up to the ridiculous screenshots:


I mean, seriously.

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