Things I Am Loving Today

27 Nov

1) Yellowwood State Park

Yellowwood State Park, you are truly a fantastic place to go for a hike.  Every time I am back in Indiana, and we drive to you, I am reminded how truly great it was to grow up so close to such great hiking.  Northern California hiking is very fine as well, but there is something about the cold, simple, autumnal beauty of you, Yellowwood State Park, that feels more like home.


Good Boy.

2) The Awesome Pandora Presents: Gabe Dixon Band T-Shirt That Lindsay Gave Me

I haven’t gotten a cooler t-shirt than you in a long while, The Awesome Pandora Presents: Gabe Dixon Band T-Shirt That Lindsay Gave Me.  Not only are you a really cool color with a great graphic on the front, you represent two of my favorite things – Music Genome’s Pandora Project, and my fellow UM alums The Gabe Dixon Band. Every time I wear you, I will remember to thank my friend Lindsay for getting you for free at a promotional event.


Awesome T-Shirts are the new Ironic T-Shirts.

3) My Parents’ Jank-Ass Old Piano

Old and out-of-tune pianos may be la mode these days, but there is nothing stylish about you, My Parents’ Jank-Ass Old Piano.  Your pitch problems and sticky keys are not kitchy, you simply sound like crap.  And your low Bb key sticks and rings out, as though you’re determined to add your own contribution to whatever I am playing. I adore you, though, My Parents’ Jank-Ass Old Piano, less for the tones you produce and more for the way you remind me of the passage of time, decay, and the vitality of family furniture.


Re-tuned in the key of H-flat.

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