Nate Silver Continues to Rock The Casbah

20 Nov

Man, this guy.  If you don’t know about then, well, it’s perhaps a bit late to get on the bandwagon, but I gotta say – polling wunderkind Nate Silver (along with co-siterunner Sean Quinn) totally came through as the hero(es) of this election, at least for me.  Between their amazingly accurate (and transparent) polling aggregation model, their scrappy state-by-state tour of each campaign’s organizational structure, and their always-entertaining debate liveblogs, their site was an indispensable election resource, and really helped me remain sane during the nuttiness of the past six months.

This week, Nate is still at it, election be damned, first writing a piece examining a John Zeigler-funded anti-Obama push poll performed by Zogby, and then sharing a ridiculously entertaining and unhinged exclusive interview he got with Zeigler after his initial post.  Finally, today, he’s done a bang-up analysis of what, exactly, it might be that contributes to right-wing radio jocks like Zeigler’s psychology and approach.

And if all that wasn’t reason enough to love the guy, there’s always his appearance on Colbert.

Keep on rocking, Nate!

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