Monday’s Person I Want To Be

17 Nov

meshell-ndegeocello-m051This Monday I am going to spend the week trying to be Me’Shell Ndegeocello.  Over the past couple of years, I’ve found myself giving far less unsolicited listening advice to my students than I used to – I guess I find that when they really want to find new stuff, they tend to find it on their own, and simply telling them to get my five favorite records is usually too much info, too fast.  Recently, however, a few students of mine have been finding some pretty great stuff on their own, and asking for recommendations from me, and I’ve found myself going back to Me’Shell.  “It’s a bit intense,” I tell them, “but she’s one of the absolute greatest living musicians out there right now.”

So, if I could be anyone this week, it would be Me’Shell – unbelievably groovy, beautiful, and badass to a terrifying degree.  Plus, she’s super good friends with Josh Redman.

If y’all don’t have Peace Beyond Passion, then, well, grab a copy.  You’ll thank me.

Get it.  Seriously.

Get it. Seriously.

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