The Chinese Food Myth

5 Aug

“You’re totally hungry an hour later.”

I swear that shit is a myth.  To start with, it is biologically improbable; take-out Chinese food seems to consist, for the most part, of shredded meat, sugary-type goo, veggies, noodles, sugary-type slime, rice, peas, and actual sugar.  These ingredients do not scream “will digest really quickly!”

I remember someone once floating the theory that MSG causes food to digest faster or something? Perhaps that is true, but it seemed like Modern Jackassness at its finest.  

How did this idea get so much traction?   The joke about “an hour later, you want more,” particularly when used to describe Chinese things other than cuisine, is well on its way to becoming as hoary a gag as the one about sweet and sour chicken containing dog bits.  

Perhaps no one believes it, and we are all just continuing the charade so that we can feel better about getting seconds?

Well, all I have to say is… last night I got Mae Lee’s from 9th and Irving.  And I was not hungry an hour later. I am barely hungry a DAY later.  Ugh.

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