I am a writer, editor and roustabout with a focus on videogames, culture, television, art and music. One time a guy from the Wall Street Journal interviewed me about San Francisco’s public transportation system, too. I usually post links to my work here, and you can find my most recent pieces over in the sidebar to your right.

My usual haunts:

I’m Features Editor for Gawker Media’s gaming site Kotaku. We rule.


Kotaku provides most of the gaming coverage for The New York Times, and you can also sometimes find me there under my own byline.

I spent a while contributing to the games/culture magazine Kill Screen.

I am the former Games Editor for the awesome Paste Magazine.

When I was freelancing I wrote a few reviews for the videogame site Joystiq.

 I have written for the gaming industry print magazine EDGE.

I have written music articles and instructional videos for Acoustic Guitar Magazine.

I’m founder and maestro-in-absentia of the very fun and weird videogame blog Gamer Melodico, which is on a bit of a hiatus now. (Sorry!)


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