So, I’m this musician guy. I am a jazz saxophonist/woodwind player insofar as that’s what I studied in school, but I play a lot of other instruments as well. Primarily keyboard, guitar, drums, vocals and bass.

I have a Facebook Music Page that you should totally “like” and I have an album out that you should totally buy. No, seriously. It’s quite fun to listen to and I need your support.

It’s called “The Exited Door” and I’m really happy with how it came together.  It features over 20 of my favorite musicians and friends and was an entirely homemade, self-funded project (look ma, no financial backers or label), so your support really matters and is very appreciated. It’s available on iTunes and CDBaby, as well as as a DRM-free download (that gives me 100% of the profits) at Bandcamp.

Also, I wrote a detailed, seven-part series about the process of making the album which was fun to write and is worth checking out.

I play various instruments with other bands around town, and in addition to working on a second album, I’ve got some other cool projects in the works, at least one of which involves zombies. I do live shows around San Francisco in support of the record, and it’s been a total blast bringing the music to life onstage. I’ve been lucky enough to put together a pretty super great live band—here’s what we do, and how we do it:


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